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Finding Your Happy Place

For a lot of us at this time, it's a moment to pause. Certainly for those who aren't key workers, we are spending much more time at home. For those of us who are lucky enough to have gardens, this can be the place we go to escape the four walls, get some air and breathe deeply. For others, the daily outdoor exercise can be a walk around the streets, through a park, across fields or along the beach depending on where one lives.

On days like today, where the sun is shining and the air is warm, you could be forgiven for forgetting for a moment the circumstances which have caused us to isolate. Somehow the sun on one's face makes everything seem ok for a moment or two.

But once inside, those walls can feel as if they are closing in; what once felt cosy can take on an air of oppressiveness. The faults can become more noticeable, the curtains which don't quite hang right, the paint which didn't turn out as expected when it left the tin, the coffee table that is just slightly too big and on which you knock into with ever increasing frequency. Even for those of us who loved the way our living room or bedroom turned out, may now be looking at it with fresh eyes and wishing for a change.

My master bedroom is such an example. Untouched since the day I moved in a few months ago, I had labelled it 'liveable' and therefore lower down on my list of spaces to design and renovate. But such forward planning I had! I picked my paint colour months ago. A colour so perfect, that I didn't want to risk it being discontinued. So perfect I knew it would look beautiful in my south-facing bedroom with it's large windows. So perfect I knew it would look gorgeous as a backdrop to my bed - the only piece of furniture I want to keep in the design.

What was one 'liveable' now makes my heart sink as I enter the room.

Time to get to work on the space which needs to be my sanctuary. My Happy Place.

What would make your space a happy place? Let me know in the comments below.

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